WWE Rumors: Superstar nearly fired for refusing to lose, Becky Lynch spotted in the ring with a female superstar, and Bray Wyatt’s storyline plans canceled (20th June 2021)


Hello and welcome back to another installment of the WWE Rumor Roundup. As usual, we’ve compiled a list of all the breaking news stories in the wrestling world. While there has been a lot of excitement about WWE’s forthcoming Hell in a Cell show, there have been a lot of other stories that have gotten people’s attention in the last 24 hours.

Becky Lynch, the former RAW Women’s Champion, is back in the news after being sighted in the Performance Center. Backstage reactions to her upcoming WWE comeback were also revealed.

Before this week’s SmackDown, a few big-name NXT performers were brought in for try-out matches. We also have all the latest information on a possible WWE reorganization.

Jim Ross also revealed that a renowned athlete was once on the verge of being dismissed for refusing to lose a match.

Vince McMahon reportedly ‘didn’t get’ a storyline involving Bray Wyatt and another veteran superstar, the details of which have recently surfaced.

We wrap up the roundup with a story regarding The IIconics’ plans following their WWE release

Jim Ross reveals WWE almost fired a superstar for refusing to lose

Winning and losing are both a part of a professional wrestler’s career, although the best wrestlers hate to lose. In truth, most WWE Superstars would want to go on a winning streak, but this is impossible to do.

There have been a few WWE Superstars that have refused to lose major matches in the past. Jim Ross claimed on a recent edition of the Grilling JR podcast that WWE was on the verge of firing Big Van Vader after the well-liked superstar refused to lose against The Ultimate Warrior.

Vader faced Warrior at a large house show in Rosemont, which drew a surprising number of fans. The match card was also full of major names, with Vader vs. Warrior being one of the highlights.

Before returning to the ring, Vader was intimidated by WWE officials backstage. For the second time, the former WCW Champion would leave the ring, and the Ultimate Warrior would win via count-out.

Vader was said to desire to keep his giant heel persona because he was a huge draw in Japan. Losing at house events, the great wrestler believed, would harm his image in Japan and result in financial losses. In addition to his aversion to losing, WWE had concerns about Vader’s weight at the time.

Vader, actual name Leon Allen White, was lucky not to have lost his WWE career at the Rosemont live event that night, according to Jim Ross.

“Leon is fortunate that he was not fired that night. In less precarious circumstances, many bookers would have said, ‘Well, see, you’re done.’ You can’t lose, and neither can we. So you’ve figured it out. We were probably doing the WCW thing, which was bubbling and bubbling. Leon could have been absent. That would have been a huge loss because he was a fantastic heel who got over and did all the right things. However, some of those guys had a Japanese influence. They were under the impression that losing at a house show, such as at Rosemont, would be disastrous to their Japanese career “Jim Ross stated the following. courtesy of Sportskeeda Wrestling.

No-loss contracts were not appropriate for promotions, according to Jim Ross. According to the veteran, superstars who want to protect their riches should never leave Japan or any other country where they have a name.

While Vader is regarded as one of the best big-man wrestlers of all time, his WWE run could have been a lot better if things had gone smoothly backstage.

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