YesSmartyPie’s special Minecraft gaming content creation guide


Minecraft is one of the most popular and extensively played video games in the world. Last year, many players in India switched to Minecraft and began playing and generating compelling gaming content. The game is well-known for providing a fantastic canvas for creating building wonders and creating a gorgeous landscape amidst mountains and jungles.

YesSmartyPie’s advice on making entertaining Minecraft videos is available here.

YesSmartyPie’s Minecraft content creation advice

Because Minecraft is a survival game, it allows players to think creatively and create intriguing material. When playing Minecraft and developing gaming material, keep the following points in mind:

1) Understand Minecraft and create a storyline

I recall not making any material for about a week after purchasing Minecraft. It took me a while to grasp the concept of this game. This game has many different aspects, such as survival, adventure, treasure hunting, and so on.

While playing this game, one must comprehend how and what they want to build, which is only possible by frequently playing and thoroughly exploring the game. As a result, I would advise beginners to first properly play this game and understand its premise since only then will you be able to write a superb tale.

2) Be focused, not frustrated

What kind of gamer do you consider yourself to be? Do you become disappointed, furious, and depressed after a defeat? If that’s the case, this game isn’t for you. Being a survival game, one can only play it correctly by remaining focused and calm.

While I appreciate that channeling frustration in the correct way can be beneficial, there are more drawbacks than advantages. There will be days when you are unable to develop a structure or fail to complete a challenge. All you have to do is be patient and positive. Never give up. Because this is a survival game, your main motivation should be to do better in the following game.

3) Join online servers and play Minecraft PVPs

Minecraft PVP

This will play a significant role in assisting you in developing a strategic mentality. Joining online servers such as Hypixel will allow you to hone your competitive skills and reveal your inner strength. Playing Minecraft PVP games such as Bedwars, Skywars, and Warlords can help you develop strategic ideas and improve your gaming skills.

Also, try the survival multiplayer (SMP) server, which is one of the most interesting and enjoyable ways to play Minecraft because it allows you to construct an entirely new world in the game. Playing with a large group of people also aids in determining where you stand and what talents you need to develop in order to dominate others.

As a beginner, your primary priority should be to thoroughly study the game and hone your skills. Never give up; you will only master the game as you fail. The Minecraft world is yours after you’ve gained enough confidence. Choose fun challenges, have fun, make excellent content, and spread some laughs.

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